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SCDL Roster
Rating Class: B1
Qualifying player-points required: 3.00 per week for MVP/13.50 for rating/playoffs.
  1  2  Bulls On Parade60-300-000.666667vs. Projectile Dysfunction (6-3)
  2  1  Projectile Dysfunction51-300-000.629630@ Bulls On Parade (3-6)
  3  3  8 Miles High -- Revisited45-450-000.500000vs. Just The Tips (8-1)
  4  4  Just The Tips15-660-000.185185@ 8 Miles High -- Revisited (1-8)

Tm#1 Projectile Dysfunctionschidspnd501dcktschidminavgpptotmvpnew rate
Player-points required for MVP: 27.00
B8 Todd Flauaus0-02-42-20-01-01-40.363611.00  
A2 Jason Landis6-03-03-38-17-23-20.793129.00**MVP**A2
A2 Randy Martin2-32-14-12-01-33-10.555618.00 B8
*A3 Tim Martin6-13-31-26-12-21-30.608723.00 B9

Tm#2 Bulls On Paradeschidspnd501dcktschidminavgpptotmvpnew rate
HotshotS - St. Charles
Player-points required for MVP: 30.00
A2 Mike Elder2-14-13-02-34-12-10.714317.50 A1
B5 Dustin Ostmann0-00-00-00-00-00-00.00000.00  
A1 Dylan Ostmann5-36-16-22-45-37-10.695734.50****A1
*B8 Eric Ostmann5-46-27-24-53-47-20.618438.00****B9

Tm#3 8 Miles High -- Revisitedschidspnd501dcktschidminavgpptotmvpnew rate
Lindenwood Pub
Player-points required for MVP: 30.00
B7 Frank Loveland2-32-32-32-34-11-40.444422.50 B6
B9 John Maginnis6-23-55-36-26-24-40.638936.00****B9
*B7 David "Sully" Sullivan3-41-63-44-32-53-40.381031.50****B6

Tm#4 Just The Tipsschidspnd501dcktschidminavgpptotmvpnew rate
HotshotS - St. Charles
Player-points required for MVP: 27.00
*C9 Devinn Heuermann0-93-61-81-81-83-60.160540.50****B3
C9 Zack Thompson1-83-61-81-82-73-60.209940.50****B3