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A Few Comments...

David Race
June 22, 2019

about the links above, contact::
I also suggest you review our League Bylaws and Rules & Regulations under the Rules menu entry above.

Hello? (knock, Knock); Anyone There?

David Race
June 20, 2019

Since this site went live just before the season started, one thing that troubled me was the inability for you to review the match results you had entered; a feature present even with YLS. Now, I had thought some captain (or board member, even!) might have commented on that. But, sadly, no.

Now, just about half-way through the season, I’ve made a change that should resolve this. When you login, you should notice that your completed matches show View instead of Locked. (Future away matches will also show View). Note: it says View: while you can actually edit things, NONE of those changes are saved. You still have to notify the League if you have made a mistake.

St Charles County Smoking Ban

Derrick Jones
January 28, 2019

The County-wide ban on smoking in all business establishments took effect today. All of the bars in the league currently sponsoring teams that were smoking are staying that way.

Database Update

David Race
January 1, 2017

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